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MPS Story

MPS Story

The MPS story

1972 A young American, Thomas GrosJean (May 27, 1943–Aug 8, 2006), arrives in Finland and decides to stay in Finland and build his future there.
1974 Thomas GrosJean meets Marcus Herold. They hit it off well right from the start.
1975 The young business partners set up a company together, MPS (Management Personnel Services), and launch a brand new consultancy service on the Finnish market – human resources assessment. From the very start the goal was to extend business activities internationally
1977 From HR assessment to more comprehensive recruitment partnering: the first four-column recruitment ad was published in Helsingin Sanomat.
1980 MPS expands in Finland and international operations start up. Branch offices open in Tampere and Copenhagen.

Growth prospects continue to be bright. MPS starts operations in Sweden opening a branch office in Stockholm. At the same time MPS opens a new office in Turku, Finland.


Executive Search (direct search, headhunting) complements the range of recruitment services.


The Oulu branch office opens


MPS makes an opening in Asia. Operations start with the opening of the Tokyo office.


The sights are set on Central Europe. In Germany they find a partner with high quality operations, von Rundstedt & Partner GmbH, whose branch network covers all of Germany.

MPS is the first company in Finland to offer outplacement services.


The range of services expands into the areas of leadership, management team work and organisational development.


The operations in the Baltics begin.


The Tallinn office opens.


MPS Latvija/Komin Ltd and MPS Polska are founded.


Operations in Asia expand. Branch offices open in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia and Bangkok, Thailand.

Coaching becomes an integral part of MPS’s operating policy.


MPS lands in China and the opening of the new branch is celebrated in Shanghai.


MPS Italia Executive Search is founded.

The range of services expands through the acquisition of BoardCompetence Oy into board work assessment and development, board member development and board member search.


Russian operations are reinforced by setting up a subsidiary in Moscow, OOO MPS Executive Search Russia.


MPS acquires UAB Fontes Vilnius, specialising in executive searches, HR assessment and consultancy, to establish a strong foothold for its Baltic operations.


MPS founds the international EXS Intenational network together with the Italian company, GI Group, and the German firm von Rundstedt und Partner. The network enables the provision of high-quality senior executive searches in 20 countries.


MPS Vaasa office opens.

MPS acquires Prewise Oy, specializing in leadership development and competence development by offering solutions in digital learning and change management.


MPS becomes a member of Panorama, a partnership of leading executive search firms. Panorama has over 170 consultants and 140 researchers across 17 countries and has a long track record of advising clients at the most senior level in its own markets. With Panorama MPS can search around the world.


MPS becomes a member of AESC, the global professional association representing excellence in executive search and leadership advisory solutions. AESC Members range in size from large global firms to boutique firms spanning more than 70 countries.

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