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Leadership Training Program

Leadership Training Program

Leadership Training Program

Leadership Training Program

At MPS, we believe that people are the most valuable asset for any company. As we are living in a business world that is volatile, complicated and full of uncertainty, people are requested to improve their leadership through better leading themselves and others. Therefore, MPS offers leadership training and coaching to complement our core services of talent recruitment and assessment.

We understand that most companies have typical constraints (such as time and resources) in their talent development programs. We have designed our program so that they are efficient in both time and money. Our clients can choose between a stand-alone training module, or having a series of trainings to be spread over a longer time period. Our professional trainers, with solid corporate experience at senior management positions within well-known multinational companies, focus on topics and tools that are practical, ready-to-use and closely related to real work situations instead of just sharing academic theories.

We offer various training modules for the most important leadership development areas focusing on leading oneself and leading others. To cope with various resource constraints, we designed our leadership training modules as half-day (4 hours) workshops, although all of them can be expanded into 1-day programs with extended classroom discussions and exercises. Our trainings, most suitable for participant sizes from 2 to 12 persons, will be delivered in Mandarin Chinese by experienced corporate leadership trainers and facilitators.

Modern theories of adult learning emphasize the importance of a 3-step approach for people to grasp any new skill; namely learning, practicing and reflection. Therefore, we would strongly recommend our clients to consider having a reflection workshop within 30-45 days after the training session in order to help participants to strengthen their learning.

Below is a snapshot of MPS China's current Leadership Training Programs (the content of each program can be modified to suit our clients' specific needs):

Module 1: Leading Oneself – The Foundation

Objective: Leadership and management are both needed for success in today's business environment. They are two distinctive and complementary systems of actions. Yet most corporations are over-managed and under-led. That's why managers need to develop their capacities to lead. It starts from understanding the difference between the two. The module will develop participant's ability to combine effective management to strong leadership.

Module 2: Leading Oneself - Managing Emotions

Objective: Emotion is powerful. It has the power to produce and to destroy. The objective of this workshop is to help participants to understand the origin of emotions, to recognize them, and to have practical tools to better manage them.

Module 3: Leading Oneself - Enhancing Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

Objective: One of the key interferences that hinder managers from tapping into their potentials is fear and self-doubt. The objective of this workshop is to help participants to get some practical tools in order to develop and enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence, the key to enjoy a happy and successful work/life.

Module 4: Leading Others - Team Management

Objective: We are only as good as those who work with us. Effective team management is crucial to business success and talent retention. It begins with understanding the team. This module will help participants learn the stage of their current team, what leadership/management style they should take and how to avoid common pitfalls. It also introduces a powerful concept of leading by focusing on others' strengths.

Module 5: Leading Others - Motivation & Feedback

Objective: Motivation and Feedback are two crucial leadership skills that are lacking among many people at the managerial positions. This module will help participant learn practical and easy-to-use tools to motive via non-monetary approaches and to offer productive feedback aiming for improved performance and enhanced commitment.

Module 6: Leading Others – Leading by Coaching

Objective: Statistics show that 68% of people leave jobs because of their relationships with direct manager, including ineffective leadership. The traditional way of managing by commanding and control is rapidly losing its effectiveness in today's business world. Leading by coaching will generate tremendous benefits from individual, team and organization. Yet, there are many misunderstandings on what coaching is and how to coach team. This module will teach participants practical coaching skills that they can use right away in their everyday work situation.

Module 7: Conflict Management

Objective: We can't avoid conflict at work. Whenever people interact, there is a potential for conflict. Conflicts, however, are not all bad news because good things could arise, relationship could improved and creative ideas could generate, provided conflicts are managed with thought, attention, right mindset & approaches.

Module 8: Competence Based Interview Techniques

Objective: Building a high performance team starts with hiring right. This module will help managers who have hiring needs learn practical skills to conduct successful interviews and identify the most suitable team candidates.

Model 9: Multi-Cultural Communication

Objective: Multi-cultural work environment is today's corporate reality. Many conflicts and misunderstandings are due to lack of cultural sensitivities. The objective of this workshop is to help participants to understand the fundamentals of the different cultures, in particular the Western and Chinese Cultures, in order to have a more effective communication in a multinational environment.

For full details on the topics covered in each module, please contact MPS China.

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