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Management Development Audit

Management Development Audit

Management Development Audit

Management Development Audit

Boost your business with Management Development Audits

MPS Management Development Audits support the organization's key persons in following through and developing company activities according to a set strategy. With the help of Management Development Audits organizations are able to boost their managerial work and support managers in implementing and managing change. Management Development Audits form a good basis for both the development of individual leaders and teams, and for the development of interaction in the organization as a whole.

It takes good leadership to realize a strategy

Dynamic leadership is a key component of the company's strategy. The personal development audit provides the managers with feedback that helps improve their leadership skills and their knowledge base, and forms the foundation of the personal development plan. The Management Development Audit also helps realize demanding processes, such as career and replacement planning, develop the management team's work, and boost the steering group's way of working during the integration phase of an acquisition. The Management Audit tool was developed for top and middle management and high level experts.

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